You can now book short or long-term storage space in highly secured and temperature-controlled warehouses at just a click of a button.
Digitalised Warehouse Booking
Share your storage requirement details and receive quotes. Choose from our competitive range of storage providers, and book everything you need under one digital platform.
24/7 Customer Support
Our customer support team are available 24/7 to assist you.
On-demand Booking Solutions
Margo Warehouse offers on-demand storage solutions at key locations within the UAE and the flexibility to select short or long-term commitments based on your needs.
Add-on Services
Margo Warehouse offers pick-up and drop-off services upon request.

Who can use Margo Warehouse?

Margo Warehouse facilitates and processes on-demand storage bookings based on your needs, under one digital platform.
"Business owners can book secure storage space at a click of a button. Store items like medical supplies, construction materials, agricultural equipment and office stock. Margo Warehouse can also be used for inventory of retail goods, accessories, personal care products, furniture, dried/packed foods and even decorations. 

We provide a comprehensive solution for growing SMEs receiving extensive orders and for those seeking secure storage space.  As with all our services, we aim to simplify your business logistics by also supplying warehouse pick-up and drop-off services."

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"You can use Margo Warehouse to store your personal items on demand, whether you're moving to a new house and looking for short-term storage space or planning on putting some items away for a longer period."

Book your storage space now!

Create an enquiry, receive short and long term storage options, and track the status of your booking.

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Receive real-time status updates, tracking your cargo's journey to and from the warehouse.

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Create your Margo account in a few simple steps

Tell us about your shipment

Provide details of your cargo, including the required space size and duration of its storage

Receive Quotes

Receive multiple quotes and select the most suitable one for you

Pay Online

Select a suitable payment method and pay securely

Track It

Receive real-time status updates, tracking your cargo's journey to and from the warehouse .

Register as a Margo Warehouse Supplier

Are you a supplier and looking to be part of our storage network? 
If your business provides storage solutions, you can register as a service provider on Margo Warehouse and submit your quotes to our customers without a subscription fee. You will receive all your booking requests through our online portal, and will also be able to chat with our customer support team for assistance.

Read more on the benefits of joining Margo Warehouse as a service provider.
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